Salt Therapy


What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy, also known as Halotherapy is a drug free, noninvasive treatment that alleviates a multitude of respiratory illnesses and skin conditions.

Salt Therapy History

From swimming in the Dead Sea to monks taking the sick down into the salt caves to breathe the salty air, the therapeutic nature of salt has been well documented throughout history. In 1843 the Polish doctor F. Botchovsky was the first to discover that the environment inside salt mines had a therapeutic effect on respiratory diseases. Many salt mines in Eastern Europe were used as medical resorts for patients with lung diseases. It became a conventional, effective, and drug free method of treatment for respiratory illness in Eastern Europe and Russia. Scientists concluded that the main therapeutic factor of the salt cave microclimate was dry aerosol of salt in combination with stable humidity and air temperature. With this knowledge, in the early 1990’s, Halo generators were developed in St Petersburg Russia. Halo generators blow dry aerosol of salt into enclosed rooms that replicates the microclimate of natural salt mines and caves.

Who can benefit from dry salt therapy?

Anyone suffering from the symptoms associated with asthma, sinusitis, allergies, COPD, eczema, psoriasis and Cystic Fibrosis just as a few examples.  You don’t have to be sick to benefit from our salt therapy; everyone can benefit! Every day we breathe in air polluted by allergens, exhaust, smoke and other toxins. Our bodies can detoxify themselves up to a certain point naturally but they can’t always keep up. As a result, our internal systems become stressed and our physical performance suffers.  When we get sick,or develop allergies or even chronic illnesses, regular detox practices like salt therapy boost the body’s natural defense mechanisms.

Isn’t salt in the body bad for you?

Eating too much salt is linked to high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. However, with salt therapy the salt enters your respiratory system, not you stomach, heart and kidneys. In addition, the concentration of salt is .5 – 10 mg/m3 (milligrams /cubic meter). To put that into perspective, the daily recommended salt intake for the average adult is 6g (grams). Therefore, the amount of salt entering your respiratory system is extremely low. Even if you eat that amount instead of breathing it, the amount of salt is insignificant. Salt entering the lungs kills bacteria, reduces inflammation, and loosens mucus.

How is the treatment administered in the salt rooms?

Our state of the art Halogenerators crush medical grade salt (sodium chloride) into a fine dust and is then blown into the salt room during each session to produce a dry aerosol microclimate replicating those of the subterranean salt caverns. These fine particles of salt travel deep into the lungs and sinuses to reduce inflammation, clear excess mucus, open constricted airways and boost the immune system. Also, skin exposed to the salt will benefit from relief of symptoms associated with many skin conditions.   The salt that is emitted into the room, combined with the Himalayan salt lamps is negatively charged, creating a negative ion environment. This negative ion environment increases the body’s production of serotonin which helps relieve stress, alleviate depression and boost energy.  Wow, who doesn’t want these benefits?:  The particles are pushed into the salt room until a predetermined concentration level is reached.

Is salt therapy safe for children?

Yes, Kids can play in the Salt Cave. Salt therapy is safe and beneficial for everyone.

Kids are especially sensitive to toxins and bacteria in the environment. Their immune systems are developing and are constantly fighting off new encounters to bacteria and disease. Kid’s love to play in our salt cave, and while they do, they naturally breathe the salt in the air and it clears and detoxifies their respiratory system. What better way to combine fun, family time and the many health benefits of salt therapy.
Each group of 1-4 kids requires an adult to be present (who also gets the benefits of the treatment!)

How long are the treatment sessions?

Adult and family group sessions are 45 minutes.  For serious lung and skin conditions 25 minutes.  Your most important job in the process is to simply breathe properly. Slow, deep and rhythmic breathing enables the salt to circulate more efficiently through your respiratory system.

How often should I come in for treatments?

This depends on your condition and your goals. If you have terrible seasonal allergies, you may want unlimited monthly access during that specific time. If you have a chronic condition, you may want to visit weekly. At the onset of a cold or after an illness, you may want to visit a few days in a row to boost your body’s ability to fight or recover from sickness. We are happy to help you decide what is best for your personal situation.

What should I bring with me?

What ever you would take to the beach. We do NOT recommend bringing electronics into the salt rooms because the salt is corrosive to metals. We are not responsible for damaged items. We do not have lockers, so we recommend you limit your belongings to whatever fits in your pockets or handbag.

What do I wear?

If you’re planning to join an adult group session, we suggest you wear clothes you’ll be comfortable lounging in for 45 minutes. We have comfortable oversized zero gravity chairs in our adult salt room. Children can wear anything they would be comfortable playing in outdoors. If you’re coming in for a private chamber session, wear clothes that can be easily taken on and off because you are able to lie in the bed in your undergarments.

When should salt therapy be avoided?

Infection accompanied by fever

People who have cancer

People who have or had tuberculosis

People who have cardiac insufficiency

High blood pressure diseases / hypertension in IIB stage

Acute stage of respiratory disease

Chronic obstructive lung diseases with stage 3 of chronic lung insufficiency



Spitting of blood

All internal diseases in decomposition

Can I stop taking my medications?

No. You should always consult with your physician(s) before discontinuing any medications or prescribed treatments. Halotherapy is a natural compliment to traditional medicine and it may work as an alternative therapy for some people who are highly receptive to the treatment. Similar to other therapies, salt therapy will work for some people better than others. Many people have experienced positive effects from salt therapy and have been able to at least reduce the amount of medication they take, but we do not guarantee this result. ALL changes to your regularly prescribed health care regimen should be carried out under your doctor’s supervision.

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Salt Cave Prices

Prices are per person and can be shared in a family. A session is 45 minutes, unless there are serious skin or lung conditions. In this case as shorter time of 25 minutes is strong enough to start.

Single Session   $27.00

3 Session Pack*                  $75.00

6 Session Pack*                 $130.00

12 Session Pack*               $199.00

One Year Unlimited         $99.00/Month

Prices are the same for children. However 12 and under, must be accompanied by an adult, who, by the way, benefits from the salt cave free. Each additional child is $10.00.

Active Military members receive a discount of 10% as an appreciation for you service.

*May be shared with family members.